Chianti Tour

Chianti Tour

The gentle rolling hills, the presence of a natural forest, breathtaking landscapes, medieval villages, castles, vineyards and olive trees along the road introduce the Chianti Classico area where the most renowned Italian wine is produced…..

….and recognized by a black rooster on the neck of each bottle… while tasting Chianti wine and extra virgin olive oil you can take some beautiful pictures to show your friends about this peaceful and untouched countryside. This region is speckled with villages, hamlets, towers and castles.

Wineries are everywhere in the Chianti Classico region ….some are located on the side of the road, some in hidden places not too easy to reach.

So many differences but only one name….CHIANTI

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Each and every wine tour can be custom-tailored to your unique tastes and interests. Discover the Tuscan wineries everyone will be talking about next year ? I can make it happen. In terms of tours there are a number of themes posted here as inspiration. Though wine may be your passion, I will bring my signature joie de vive to everything we do or a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list adventure, I will hook you up authentic and uniquely memorable experiences you’ll treasure for life. I want to show you everything our beautiful area has to offer.








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